Newsletter July 2015


Cut Development Time In Half Or More!

GameSalad is the premiere build-your-own game software. While it provides the framework, our templates provide the foundation. Why start from scratch when you can choose between a selection of existing code to help start you on your journey. There is no better way to learn the basics and get quickly on your way to publish amazing games.

Here are some of our handpicked favorites:

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[etheme_product id =367] [etheme_product id =24214] [etheme_product id =23662] [etheme_product id =362] [etheme_product id =23682]


Get Help To Complete Your project!

We have a team of competent coders who can take your project and bend it/twist it to your needs. Our rate is $40 per hour, and can assist with simple edits all the way up to publishing and uploading to the app stores. Just submit a Project Help ticket here:


Tons of FREE content!

Our massive list of free tutorial videos and files (as well as one special present from the GameTeamOne development crew listed above) can take you to the next level in your career as a game developer.