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170 Games & Templates


170 Amazing games and templates, includes all art & music.

Everything we’ve made over the last 6 years is included in this amazing Mega Pack including our own app store hits like Running Wild, Pukkimon, Rolling Bones, Blood Flow, Bumps etc etc and lots of full games ready to uploadĀ to the stores.

Lots of app store hits like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run, Flappy Bird etc etc are included along with some original games like Triangle Run, Zombie Sniper, Kung Fu Panda, Rolling Bones, Running Wild etc etc.

Don’t forget there’s a ton of art and music that you can use in your own games royalty free along with 170 full games and templates covering a wide spectrum of genres like RPG Zelda, Sniper, Shoot em ups, Platform, Endless runner, Racing, Multi Player, Strategy, Beat em ups, Tower Defence and lots of original games.

+ Another 58 files!!!


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Available to hire at only $20 for the 1st hour then $40 an hour after, this gives you a cheap hour to see what i can do and how i work and build up a working relationship.

10 years experience, very fast and efficient.

Any questions or problems contact me via email