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Ants Smasher 2


It’s the classic Ant Smasher Game it’s a great moneymaker!




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The game is inspired by a classics “Ant Smashers” Games The original game was a great hit!

This Game is the second version of my game, i’ve improved the game and the graphics; i’ve added SEVEN different Game Modalities!!!

All Artworks and Sound are included in this release.

This game is really awesome with iAd Banners or ChartBoost interstitial it’s a great Moneymaker! 😉


What is included: 

  • This game is ready to publish!
  • 7 different game modalities!
  • All artwork are included!
  • All sound and music effects are included!
  • It’s a great moneymaker!
  • Game Center Leaderboard Included!


*You can republish this game, but you can’t re-sold the game or part of it like the Source Code, Arts, Sound and Music either on the web or in mobile stores; *All art included but i recommend adding your own art, though!



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