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Bank Panic


Arcade Classic Bank Panic!

Bank Panic is a wild west gunslinger game where you protect the bank from robbers while allowing customer to make a deposit. Based off many classics in the same genre. But you can create dozens more, with differnet themes and actions. How about MONSTERS IN MY CUPBOARD, SANTA or TOYS in the FIREPLACE? or an Aliens game? Aliens behind a door in the secret lab – protect the scientist with the nerve agents?

SO MANY ideas and themes you can apply to make a new game.

Its never ending and you will level up when you collect cash from all of the doors.

Turn this into a full game by simply adding a title screen and instructions.


Includes all art and music.

  • The 1st template to use GS scene wrap feature.
  • It runs at a silky smooth 60 FPS on iPad 1.
  • Includes notes so you understand the rules and attributes.
  • Shows you how fast you kill a bad guy.
  • Easy to edit.

Download the template today and watch the video to see it in action. It’s a stunning template, that’s sure to give you inspiration for loads of other games.



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