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Block Drop 360º


Block Drop with a 360º twist!

Block Dropping fun in 360º’s of Mind bending Fun!
Tap the blocks to make our hero land on the safe zones to complete the level. But for an added twist, you have to account for gravity in 360º.We’ve taken the block dropping genre and added a new twist to give your games a new dimension and endless opportunities to build an amazing iOS or Android app today!
With this template, we’ve pre built various block types, some push, some explode, some just pop. As always, you need to get our hero on the safe platforms. The code handles all of the checking – you can even have multiple hero’s to save and again the code handles this too.
Instead of the boring, standard, tap and drop system, we’ve designed it so each of the levels has one or more planets with their own gravity pulling the blocks and hero towards the centre – it’s and amazing system we’re sure you’re going to love!


– Simple, clean code- Various Block Types
Standard, TNT, Bouncer and Pusher

– Multiple Heros per scene

– 360º Gravity defying action

– Code handles how many heros on each Scene

– Comes with 3 levels to get you started

– Includes Art, just supply the levels!


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