Bunny Fun – full endless game Template

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Another awesome GameSalad Template by Lump Apps.
Complete game with endless level.

Some bunnies just hate eggs.

So what to do? Break ’em!
Old school arcade fun in a fresh cut paper art style. The purpose of the game is to break the eggs. You can do so by jumping on trampolines to reach them. The catch is that you can only jump 3 times on each trampoline before it breaks. By tapping the screen, the bunny jumps to the right and you have to try and jump through a hole in the wall to reach the next trampoline.

Breaking Eggs also has a puzzle aspect to it. At some point you get more trampolines and holes to choose from and when you choose the wrong one, your trampoline might break before you can go to the right again.

  • Graphics are watermarked and may not be re-published.
  • Sounds are included, music is not.
  • Easy, one touch game.




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