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Cookie – Match 3


Match 3 game.

A Template designed for GameSalad so you are able to creating match-type games. This template includes all the mechanics to randomise the pieces on the board. When the user clicks a shape with three or more connection shapes in any direction, the correct pieces are identified and re-shuffled. The template mixes the shapes super-quick, smoothly and randomly every time. It also recognises single and multi-touches. It’s code tested on older devices and runs super-smooth and slick.


3 files with different features, from auto shuffle to score to standard, watch the videos for more info.
In the 2nd file “CookieSearch” The code searches for a match and lets you know if theres one available by showing a pic of the cookie available, if not the board will auto shuffle!
Match horizontal and vertical so you can match L shaped areas!
Randomise the game pieces Super fast engine
Instant match results
Easy to customise for various game types Includes all art and sound.
Easy to follow code.


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