Crazy Moves


Crazy Moves game source code template. Full customizable and easy to reskin over it and launch the game like this. Just go under image library and replace old art work with your new art work and theme.
PNG images in grey colors included for reskin.



—–Crazy Moves full source code game template—–

The Crazy Moves is a hit game on Android store. People are loving it. Here is the link. id=com.vikashjhaworks.crazymoves

Full source code file and ready to launch your own game with only reskin Art works.

If you are a pro member at Gamesalad then you can add pro features in it.

You need to download Gamesalad software.
You need new art work and sound files to replace old art work.


  • Unique and easy to reskin source code and launch within min.
  • Saving high scores when you reopen this game in your device.
  • Both side enemies and spawn actors.
  • Coins collection with start effects with +1 points.
  • Character movements is very fast so that player can save their character from enemies and addict with gameplay.

You can send me an email if you need any help in reskining games at

I can do best art work and replace in this source code according to your theme.

Launch your game in four simple step. 🙂

Step 1) Create your own art or hire any artist to draw your art and reskin art in image folder with same naming and sizes with new art work and theme.

Step 2) Open “Gamesalad downloaded file” in Gamesalad software and see image library.

Step 3) Replace old art work from your new reskined art work.

Step 4) Launch your game in any platform. 🙂

Step 5) Enjoy it.

(Note: For new reskin art and animation you can contact me at email: with your new theme.)
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