Cyberpunk Platformer Tileset


A full set of cyberpunk style props, backgrounds, buildings, tiles and more. Over 100 items for you to populate your game scene.



Tile and Enviromentset for your next platformer Game

Package Features:

  • over 100 props and sprites (objects,items,decorations)
  • background scene as well as wall tiles
  • building tiles
  • animated assets such as doors,coins even a crow animated in Brashmonkey Spriter with 6 different animations
  • 3 different main tilesets with additional color variations
  • all drawn in cartoon style with cyberpunk / sci-fi theme
  • 100% Vector
  • 100% customizable

The Tiles size are 256×256.
The props have different sizes.
The loopable background is 1920×1080.

If you are a buyer I will give you full support.



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