Dark Thief 2D Platformer Character Sprites


Well animated, highly detailed and robust platformer character with 4 available skin variations


The Dark Thief Game Character Sprite

With more than 30 animations and 4 different skins this thief is a must have for every game developer.



  • +30 animations
  • 4 different skins
  • 100% Vector
  • animations and character exported as png sprite and spritesheets
  • editable and customizable animations and art
  • source files included


List of animations:

  1. angry walk
  2. attack bow shoot
  3. attack kick
  4. attack shuriken throw
  5. attack smoke grenade throw
  6. attack sword
  7. balance (e.g on edge of a platform)
  8. crouch idle
  9. crouch-to-idle
  10. death
  11. disappear
  12. exhausted
  13. forward roll
  14. hang
  15. hit from behind
  16. hurt
  17. hurt idle
  18. idle
  19. idle-to-crouch
  20. jump fall (pose)
  21. jump mid air (pose)
  22. jump start
  23. jump up
  24. run
  25. slide
  26. surprised
  27. swap smoke grenade
  28. swap bow
  29. swap shuriken
  30. swap sword
  31. monkey dance ( fun anim 🙂
  32. walk


Chosen Animation Examples:


Matching Character:

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