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Ever wondered how to create a dual joystick game, where one joystick controls movement and another controls, say a turret? Well this template is just for you! For the unbelievable price of $0.99, you can get yourself a dual joystick template!


This template comes packed with art and original gameplay thats ALL YOURS TO USE!

Special features include:

  • Joysticks that can be used on any mobile device simultaneously!
  • Joysticks that can be attached to any action you want – not just movement and looking!
  • Joysticks that smoothly change colour depending on their position using mathematical functions like sin and cos waves!
  • Includes gameplay that uses movement and shooting to shoot down different types of approaching enemies!
  • Free art and animations – player, enemy, obstacles, background, power-ups, health bar and so much more!
  • Easily laid out code to make recreation of the joysticks super easy!


This template was modified from a game that started development but never finished – so you will get quality guaranteed.


There is nothing else like this in the entire world of game salad – especially not at this ridiculously low price!




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