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Flappy Bird Template – FULL CLONE


A COMPLETE Flappy Bird template, with absolutely everything from the original game included! From art graphics to original gameplay, this template will intuitively show users the fundamental concepts of creating a simple Flappy Bird game to use in their own games! This is a full remake of Flappy Bird!

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Instructions on editing: much of the user interface is positioned using change attribute position x and y.  Therefore you won’t be able to drag and reposition from the scene view –  if you want to do this go into the actor and turn of the change positions or change their values to what you want.  Some are also constrained to certain positions so the same rule applies.  The sounds are from the original flappy bird and work on all devices. You can use the space bar to flap if you are testing in the creator.  All the code to make the game run is there but there are some behaviours that have been turned off that can be used for different effect. Basic  knowledge makes these self explanatory so tweak these as you wish.  Any questions,  and you can contact us at





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