Flappy Bird Template

$20.00 $5.00

Another awesome GameSalad Template by Lump Apps. The famous Crappy Birds come to GameSalad. A one level one scene game that is easy to customize. See video for instructions.  All sounds and graphics included. This game is build in iPhone format and is easy to rebuild for iPad, Universal or other platforms. All graphics are iPad ready.

Version 1.2

To keep the template understandable for novice users I made version 1 as simple as possible. Some customers gave feedback about performance probems so I made some major improvements. This will make the coding a little bit more complicated.

– Performance improvements (custom timers and recycling of actors)
– Last score now stays until a new game is started
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a doublescore
– Changed birds Collision Shape to circle for better collision behaviour
– Moved score numbers to top layer



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