Flappy Blue Bird



Flappy Blue Bird Complete Game


* V1.5 update, added inApp purchase to unlock 2 new characters!!! , added 2 new characters, added one graphic theme!! (See the new video and re-download the V1.5 project)

* V1.4 update, Universal Bin, use “Overscan” and you can publish it for iOS & Android!!

* V1.3 update, Restyling all GRAPHICS and SOUNDS! added COINS! added NEW RECORD Actor! added MEDALS Actors!

*See the new Video and Re-download the project to have these great new features!

Another awesome Game Salad Complete Game by Pinkio75!

“Flappy Blue Bird” is a game inspired by Flappy Bird, where the player must tap to flap and help the bird to avoid the green pipes!

All Sounds, Music Theme and Graphic Arts are included in this project!

This game is build for iPad format and is easy to rebuild for iPhone, Universal, Android, or other platforms.

You can try the published game from iTunes! click here

Or try a variation of the same game here iTunes! click here


  • Recycling actors to improve the performance!
  • Universal Bin project, ready for IOS & Android
  • Score and Best Score save system!
  • Assign  4 Stars Medal, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum!
  • Full Game Source code it’s Ready to publish!
  • Easy to modify and republish this game!
  • External attributes values like speed or gravity to adjust the game!
  • Tweet Sheet Added *Pro Feature
  • GameCenter Leaderboard Added *Pro Feature
  • Rate Game Added *Pro Feature
  • iAd Added *Pro Feature
  • inApp Added *Pro Feature
  • The Game Project is only 2.5MB!!!
  • Supports iOS and Android (Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, Nook) *use overscan


Need help with a reskin? i offer a great reskin services, send me an email at pinkio75@virgilio.it for a quote.
This template can be used and deployed with GS but you can use it with NB or RC.

*Distribution of the Source Code, Arts, Sound and Music either on the web or in mobile stores is strictly prohibited.