GS Racerz + GS Racerz 3D


2 Racing Game Pack!


2 Amazing Templates 1 Fantastic Price!!!

GS Racerz 3D

With this incredible template you’ll be able to create amazing racing and driving based games. Inspired from arcade 3D rally games, we’ve added a full pseudo 3D car and track effects. With multiple surfaces for your car to skid and slide on, from ice and mud to tarmac.


  • Realistic 3D effects
  • Jumps, bridges, ice, mud and more +++
  • Different slow down, braking, and acceleration speeds depending on surface.
  • 3 surface types with different feel like mud/dirt, ice/snow and tarmac.
  • Realistic car shadow even when jumping.
  • Reverse has also been coded in.
  • Keyboard controls have been left in for you to test along with 2 control methods arrows or steering wheel
  • Universal build that automatically checks device.
  • 60fps on iPad 1.
  • Easy to edit and customise.
  • Includes all art and music.

Download the template today and watch the video to see it in action. It’s a stunning template, that’s sure to give you inspiration for loads of other games.


GS Racerz

GS Racerz Template is a car racing simulator template, with intelligent AI built into the opposing vehicles. This template includes all the code you need to develop a top down, 2D racing type game.

Using this template, you could create a cart racer, spaceships trials, dirt bikes, digger trucks, trial bikes and much more! The potential and opportunities are endless. Full control over laps, timings, speed and barriers. It includes code for obstacles and track hazards. Oh, and we built in power ups too to keep things super-cool!


  • AI opponents
  • Smooth scrolling tracks and maps
  • Multiple steering controls
  • Includes art and Sound
  • Runs super-smooth on older devices
  • Get up and running with a racing game in no time at all… Change some graphics, change the theme and off you go!


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