Little Uboat


Little U-Boat is a great endless submarine adventure game!



Little U-Boat is a great endless submarine adventure game!!!

All Sounds and Graphic Arts are included in this project!!!

In game you control a Little U-Boat; avoid the collision with many kinds of enemies and things;

you should collect the bonuses as many as you can; these bonus can supply many points and powers.

  • Fantastic 2D “pre-render” graphics objects
  • Arts e sound included!
  • Amazing  3D Pre-rendered Animations!
  • Smooth Feeling Game Play!
  • Mega Boss  logic with different fire!
  • Endless game play!




Need help with a reskin? i offer a great reskin services, send me an email at for a quote.

This template can be used and deployed with GS but you can use it with NB or RC.

*You can use all parts of this game in your personal projects; but you can’t RESOLD or DISTRIBUITE parts of the Source Code, Arts, Sound and Music  of this game either on the web or in mobile stores.


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