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Mini Gore Style Template


Dual Stick Shooter!

Cowboys VS Monsters is based on the incredibly popular game Mini-Gore game available in the iOS and Android stores. Move your hero around trying to stay alive for as long as possible. Use the dual joystick controls to move around and shoot anything that comes near you.

We’ve added a 2.5d movement control effect to give the game more depth, and even the monsters rotate around in 2.5d as they chase and follow you. Pick up ammo to keep your guns topped up and stay alive for as long as you can!

Using this template designed to be used in GameSalad, you can create your own amazing new game. We’ve added loads of features to the base template to get you started, so all you need to do now is re-skin, come up with a theme and create a new and exciting Mini-Gore style game today.


60 fps on iPad 1 runs silky smooth even on older devices.
8 Way Move and Fire with animation.
Large scrolling scene1.
Custom font.
Save load top score.
Bullet count with 4 refills that are randomly repositioned on the scene so you never run out.
3 Sizes of enemies with different speeds and hit counts.
Enemies get faster the more they are defeated.
Very easy to edit and customise, make enemies stronger, faster, more enemies etc.
iPad build so easy to make Universal.


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