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Extreme Moto Action!

Ever wanted to create a bike simulator or a motorbike stunts game? Here is a complete project file to get you started. This template features many cool tricks, including multiple animation states depending on the bikers actions. Perform tricks, 360, wheelies, front ends and more. Control the bike as you perform cool tricks and pull off some in-air stunts. The mechanics include crash detection, with animations and various physics detection routines.

In this template, we have built it so the user must simply get to the finish line, but with a few more tweaks you could easily convert this into a skiing game, bob Sleigh, bikes, boats, tanks, buggies, babies in prams! Maybe even a uni-cycling clown?! See the video below to see the different types of gameplay built into this amazing template.


Multiple animations for the rider.
Crash animations
Stunts and motion controls
Realistic physics
Ramps, up, down and long jumps
To keep everything running tip-top fast on the iOS device, we have not used constrain rules on the wheels etc, we have controlled the animation states base on angles and position. This template includes the art, sound and music.


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