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4 Pics 1 Word Template

(10 customer reviews)


This could be our best template yet – introducing the 1 Word 4 Pictures Template!

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Hey guys,

We’re so excited to bring you our latest GameSalad template – introducing the 1 Word 4 Picture Template! This could be one of our best templates.
2013 Package Members get this amazing template FOR FREE!

Some awesome cool facts about this new template:
– All puzzles within one scene – no loading wheel
– Easy to edit and add new puzzles
– A How to Edit Video is included to help you get going
– In-App Purchases already built within the file


*EDIT* 22nd April 2013

-Fixed IAP bug, where coins bought were not saving if app was closed/restarted
– Fixed resume bug, where game would not continue where player last stopped.

– A bug was found where you delete some letters from the keyboard. The letters would reappear during that level. This issue has now been fixed in 2.2.

– A bug was found where you use the Correct Letter Power-up. Tapping the letter that the Power-up put in place will remove the letter, but it will not show up in your keyboard. This issue has been fixed in 2.2.

10 reviews for 4 Pics 1 Word Template

  1. Michel Gerritsen

    imich92 (verified owner)

    where is the psd file and how to edit video?

    • Braydon Coyer

      maxistheman (verified owner)

      Sorry about that, we’ve updated the file and it is now available. Please re-download from your account.

  2. Arun Saraswat


    I received it as part of the bundle and I don’t see any tutorials… please advise.

  3. Steve Randall

    randalsp (verified owner)

    Great template. How can you handle the end of levels? at the moment it just sticks on level complete screen.
    how to implement ‘game complete screen/scene, check back for more levels soon’ ?

  4. John Ledo


    Why is the resolution so low? 320 x 568 for an iPhone 5?

    • Jonathan Francois

      gshelper (verified owner)

      you are given the psd files with the template

  5. Glenn Plant

    glennplant (verified owner)

    apple reject the app in its current form as there is no resume feature? I got the rejection notification below:

    Apps that offer In-App Purchase products that must be restorable are required to include a “Restore” feature. The following In-App Purchase types must be restorable:

    – non-consumable products
    – auto-renewing subscriptions
    – free subscriptions

  6. claudia247


    Can I ask has the “Apps that offer In-App Purchase products that must be restorable are required to include a “Restore” feature.” been resolved. I guess I will assume not if in a couple of days no response.


    (I was asked to submit a rating – I put it 3 to be neutral but please note I am not reviewing as I do not have it – but it looks perfect for my classroom needs)


  7. Jonathan Francois

    gshelper (verified owner)

    Actually, the items in this template are Consumable items. Unless you have added an additional IAP option, Consumable items do not require a Restore feature.

  8. madhan lab


    in download I don’t see any tutorials…or photoshop file please help.

  9. Aron Jay

    Aron (verified owner)

    This theme needs to be updated, there is no way to handle the end of game or completion of all levels, it will just prompt you to continue which you can’t since you have reached the last level. This template is incomplete and was never updated since April last year, 2013. Also since it was pre made for iPhone, I think they should have released this with proper resolution. Overall, I’m satisfied with this but some points needs to be addressed. Thanks!

  10. Aron Jay

    Aron (verified owner)

    Also, the bug mentioned as fixed in the last update still exist. It shows up on the 3rd consecutive level using hints system.

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