Out Of This World – An Original Full Game


A fun and new original full game ready for the App Store!!


Dug out some of my old templates and I found this. This is a full game which I made for the VS7 competition last year. I had totally forgotten about this, so now I decided to sell this as a template on the market place. The gameplay is simple. The game is set in an alien planet and a ufo is dropping humans and aliens onto the planet. You have to get the humans back to the earth and prevent the aliens from invading the earth. Tap and drag on the humans (stickman) to get them back to earth. Tap on the screen to drop a bomb to kill the aliens. Drop your bomb carefully, the bomb can kill the humans too. The higher you drop the bomb, the higher the point the bomb will explode. Have fun with this template! Change the art to make it your own and in no time you will have a fully functional game ready for the app store.


*A full game (No extra work is needed)

*Includes art (No watermarked)

*No sound or music (you will have to use your own)

*Ready for the App Store!