Performance Tip #2 Change image trick

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here is a cool trick to cut loading times on image heavy scenes.


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  1. Mazapy9teen

    Are you sure of this? And will not affect the FPS when change the image? Because it have to be loaded anywhere. Great page! 😉

  2. ZAX

    Absolutely great. Thx Tshirtbooth for this genius information. My first App Catchun was released today and that’s a cool performance feature for my first update. I love your tutorials. Go on with this great work 🙂
    But there is one issue using this way (example is my randomly changing ingame background).. after switching back from a pause screen the background image won’t load again and is missing.

  3. ZAX

    Add: Pause issue -> Fixed in GameSalad version 0.9.4 beta – Yeeeehaaaaa 🙂

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