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Point and Click Game Template

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Hi guys!

We are pleased to bring you one of the most requested templates ever. Based off the super popular Point and Click games like Grisly Manor and The Lost City by GameSalad coder extraordinaire, FireMapleGames (Who by the way gave us his awesome collection of free templates that you can check out here:

This template helps you manage the two toughest parts of a Point and Click game, the text system, and the inventory management. We’ve made it super simple to craft your own adventure game and also threw in a few extras to make things look appealing in your game.


Have a look at the video of the game in action, and get your copy today! Who knows, maybe you can be the next FireMapleGames success story!

A how to edit video is also included to get you up and running with this awesome new template!


1 review for Point and Click Game Template

  1. Neo Si Hao

    lostdimension (verified owner)

    Does this template automatically saves the progress through the game?

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