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Professional Particle Effects


10 premier particle effects for Gamesalad that will add spectacular special effects to all of your projects!

This premier particle effects pack for Gamesalad will add spectacular special effects to all of your projects! It includes 10 different particle effects, most of which are made up of multiple layers of particles and sounds to add depth and dimension to the effects that can be difficult to achieve in a 2D environment.

All of the particle effects use Gamesalad’s built in Particles Behavior so all 10 are fully compatible with both the FREE and PRO versions of Gamesalad and can be edited and manipulated to fit your particular project. All 10 effects only cost $5 and include audio files to enhance the experience.

The particle effects include:

  • Bubbles
  • Explosion (basic and deluxe)
  • Fire (with smoke)
  • Fireworks (featuring 5 different audio and color styles for a total of 25 possible variations!)
  • Fog
  • Magic Spell
  • Rain Storm (with raindrop splash particles)
  • Smoke (light and heavy)
  • Snow Storm
  • Sparks
  • BONUS! – A 5 page pdf file detailing all of the settings of the Gamesalad Particles Behavior

Each particle effect file is filled with Notes so you can easily learn how the effects work and make your own adjustments to personalize the effects for your own projects. Also included is a general particle effects overview file that describes the various features of the built in Gamesalad Particles Behavior.
Version 1.1 Update:

  • Updated to work with Gamesalad 0.13.33.


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