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Rock Music Pack – Honey Tribe Studios


An original track ‘Turbo Drift’, 2 alternate versions ‘Fade Out’ and ‘V2′ and 18 seamless loops. The recording has a very live feel to it – the guitar amps were cranked up on this one!

Turbo Drift is great for games with themes of pursuit and speed. It also works well over trailers to convey a sense of excitement or victory. ‘FadeOut’ fits end credits, high score screens and menus. ‘V2′ is great for confident and cool characters.

Listen to the preview to decide if these tracks suit your game.

Full Track Listing:

TurboDrift 2m35s
TurboDrift_noIntro 2m27s
TurboDrift_loop1 0m06s
TurboDrift_loop2 0m06s
TurboDrift_driftLoop1 0m06s
TurboDrift_chugLoop1 0m06s
TurboDrift_chugLoop2 0m06s
v2 1m55s
V2_loop1 0m06s
V2_loop2 0m03s
V2_driftLoop1 0m06s
V2_driftLoop2 0m06s
V2_driftLoop3 0m06s
V2_driftLoop4 0m06s
V2_chugLoop1 0m06s
V2_chugLoop2 0m06s
FadeOut 2m30s
FadeOut_bassLoop 0m06s
FadeOut_guitarLoop 0m06s
FadeOut_pianoLoop 0m12s


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