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SeeSaw Monkeys


Go Bananas!!!

SeeSaw Monkeys is a full and complete game that you can upload as is or change to make it unique.

Create loads of different themed games, where by the user simply taps the screen, and the characters swap places. Super easy to implement, with nice smooth physics on the SeeSaw. This project includes timers, scores, and moving targets for our little monkeys to collect.

Watch the video to see this template in action.

1 touch game play
Scoring system
Count down timer
Bonus collects
Easy physics mechanics
Easy to customise


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Available to hire at only $20 for the 1st hour then $40 an hour after, this gives you a cheap hour to see what i can do and how i work and build up a working relationship.

10 years experience, very fast and efficient.

Any questions or problems contact me via email