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Shell Ops Template


To build levels simply copy an empty scene and drop pixel actors on the grid.
The artwork is non-retina included is free but please be original and make your own.

What is included: 

Fully working game project.

  • 4 sample levels,
  • non retina artwork,
  • awesome sound effects,
  • score system,
  • pearl system (stars),
  • level menu,
  • pause menu, (acces by tapping crab),
  • customizable credit scene (Display text behaviour),
  • 10 shell types,
  • 3 enemies: whirly, jelly, camille,
  • 2 friends: hyper-star, supernova,
  • and much more!



mainmenu beaches level barricade level barricade2 level beach2 level puddle3 scoredeath


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