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Snowman Attack


Full complete game, includes art & music!!!

***Full Complete Game Including all Art & Music***

Snowman Attack – a fast paced snowball throwing action game.

Inspired by one of my all time favourites Beer Root Tapper we bring you Snowmen Attack.

Features amazing gameplay, custom fonts, parallax scrolling effects, and cool snow particles.

– Never ending runner style game.
– Move Penguin up and down the lanes and fire snowballs at the hungry invading snowmen after your eggs.
– Be careful though because these snowmen can fire back!
– Snowmen Attack is a never ending game that gets harder the longer you survive.
– Various ways to die include getting hit by a snowball or hit by a snowman, you will also lose if the snowmen or snowballs hit your eggs.
– As with all our templates it includes extensive notes to guide you through the code.
– Save and load top score.
– All art and music is included.

Play for free over at the arcade

Arrow keys to move up and down space bar to fire.


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