Soccer Basket




  • “Soccer Basket” is an simple but very Addictive game which base on realistic physics!
  • Tap and slide the ball, control its angle and power, then shoot towards the hoop.
  • The perfect effect and physic effect will help you see more clearly.
  • The game is an endless arcade game, then shoot towards the hoop to win the levels;
  • as the difficulty could increases, there are four different random movements for the hoop,
  • but the hoop change position every shoot and You have only 3 shoots to complete each level!


  • 1. Touch the screen!
  • 2. Drag the ball to change the power and angle!
  • 3. Release to shoot!


What is included: 
  • Ready To Publish!
  • All Artwork Are Included!
  • All Sound Effects and Music Are Included!
  • Only One Scene Game Project!
  • Game Center Included (*GS Pro Feature)
  • Tweet Sheet Included (*GS Pro Feature)


*You can republish this game, but you can’t re-sold the game or part of it like the Source Code, Arts, Sound and Music either on the web or in mobile stores; *All art included but i recommend adding your own art, though!


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