Soosiz 2


Soosiz 2 – Universal


Based on the stunning Appstore game of the same name, you control your character moving them around a world that revolves around you. As you move around the landscape your character clings o the ground via gravity – use it your advantage to move from one platform to the next.

Build huge, fun exploring adventure games, with this easy to follow code base. Quickly create stunning results and build a fully fledge platforming game today.

Add soe enemies, pickups, and some extra scenery, then maybe do a few different themes – SPACE, UNDERWATER, ICELAND, CAVES, FORESTS etc etc… The addictive gameplay and opportunities are endless. For Soosiz 2 we’ve added new art for you to use, and improved all of the game mechanics. We’ve even made it fully Universal too so you can build your iPhone 3,4,5 and iPad apps from this base template.

– Easy to follow Code
– Huge scope to build a massive game
– Unique gameplay
– Universal iOS Android etc.



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Available to hire at only $20 for the 1st hour then $40 an hour after, this gives you a cheap hour to see what i can do and how i work and build up a working relationship.

10 years experience, very fast and efficient.

Any questions or problems contact me via email