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Universal Sound FX


Sound Galaxy 700 X 400

Sound Galaxy 2015

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Nova Sound presents Sound Galaxy 2015. This library is a wide range of the universal audio assets necessary to develop a game or application. 565 Sound FX, from the following Nova Sound collections:

Dynamic Aquatics – Water Sound FX – 50 Sounds

Ten Tsunamis – Epic Water FX – 10 Sounds

Beeps Blips and Menus – Button Sound FX – 50 Sounds

ElectroMagnetic Fields – Electricity Sound FX – 30 Sounds

Flames and Fireworks – Fire Sound FX – 25 Sounds

Explosive SuperNova – Explosion Sound FX – 20 Sounds

Culinary Arts – Cooking and Kitchen FX – 210 Sounds

Nuke Borough – Explosion and Weapon FX – 50 Sounds

Compact Vehicle – Automobile FX – 110 Sounds

All Hallows Eve – Horror FX – 10 Sounds

565 Sounds – 44.1K 16bit Wav. Stereo 

Water, Fire, Tsunami, Buttons, Menus, Select, Interface, Explosion, Explosive, Weapons, Shock, Fire, Flames, Fireworks, Burning, Electricity, Electro, Cooking, Kitchen, Culinary Arts, Restaurant, Horror, Halloween, Scary, Car, Automobile, Driving, Device,

Sound Galaxy 2015 Preview

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