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Sound Galaxy 2016 – Universal FX – Nova Sound


Sound Galaxy Universal Sound FX


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Nova Sound presents Sound Galaxy 2016. This library is a wide range of the universal audio assets necessary to develop a game or application. 761 Sound FX, from the following Nova Sound collections:

App Essentials – Navigation Button FX – 10 Sounds

Vehicle 1175 – Car and Automobile FX- 25 Sounds

Chemical Weapons – Explosion and Weapon – 30 Sounds

Titanium – Metallic and Impact FX- 200 Sounds

Baby Project K&M – Baby FX – 30 Sounds

Nova Tool Box – Tool Kit FX – 75 Sounds

Blades and Sharp Objects – Weapon FX – 50 Sounds

Foley Human – Foley FX – 86 Sounds

Cock & Shoot FX – Gun and Weapon FX – 20 Sounds

All Hallows Eve – Horror FX – 25 Sounds

Stomp Mechanism – Stomp Sound FX – 110 Sounds

Gun Range – Weapon FX – 100 Sounds

761 Sounds – 48K 24 Bit Wav. Stereo 

App, Keys, Buttons, Menus, Beeps, Blips, Select, Vehicle, Car, Drive, Auto, Mobile, Chemical, Weapons, Explosive, Explosion, Weapon, Gun, Fire, Gunshot, Shots, Metal, Impact, Steel, Steal, Baby, Kids, Crying, Cry, Project, Tool, Box, Kit, Blades, Sharp, Knives, Knife, Human, Foley, Cock, Shoot, Hallows, Eve, Halloween, Stomp, Kick, Impact, Bang, Bomb,

Sound Galaxy 2016 Preview

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