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Spin Space (Full Complete Game)


Ready to publish!

Ready to publish!!!

SpinSpace is a full and complete game including all art and music.

Fly from planet to planet by simply tapping the screen. The smaller the planet the more points you get and points are also awarded for distance travelled. Keep an eye on you fuel but don’t worry we have coded it so it drops between 2 planets so its always accessible.
Planets will start to disappear making it harder the longer you survive.

Its a never ending game made harder by increasing speed and fewer planets.

Simple fun games are always the best and this is one of the best we made. You could add game center for best distance travelled, most planets visited etc etc.

Please note the video was speeded up to show you different speeds later in the game, the speed slowly increases during actual gameplay.

– Save and load high score (turn this into a game center leader board for online competitions).
– Instant restart so no loads times in the main game.
– Custom font.
– Warning sound when low on fuel adds to tension.
– Easy to edit and customise with extensive notes.
– Universal build
It’s a stunning template, that’s sure to give you inspiration for loads of other games.



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