Super Crate Boy


App Store Hit!


Based on the famous Super Crate Boy App, this Template gives you the basis to build a fully immersive and compelling game. Shoot the baddies, jump around the screen and collect the crates. It’s fun, manic and really addictive. There are multiple enemies and different actions help make this game more immersive, but add some more levels and watch the sales in the App Store come flying in….


Multiple weapon pick ups including a screen shaking missile!
Random crate drops
Control how many enemies appear at any one time
Enemies get more evil if they get to the pit at the bottom
3 enemy types.
Random weapons.
Fast paced action.
Includes everything you need to make a Super Crate Boy type game.
Art and music included.
As always. The graphics can be used in any project, but may not be resold or hosted separately


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