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Titanium – Metallic and Impact FX


Titanium (Novanon)

TiN 700 X 400


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Nova Sound presents Titanium (Novanon). This library consists of X dynamic metallic and impact sound fx, designed to capture the natural resonance of metallic compounds when making contact with metals and other objects.

200 Sound FX – 48k 24 Bit Wav. Stereo 

Metal, Metallic, Steal, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Impact, Impacts, Hard, Crash, Weapons, Pipes, Gates, Fences, Foley, Bars, Pipes, Destroy, Chains, Chain, Braces, Shackles, Prison, Coins, Drill, Driller, Cans, Coins, Silver Wear, Boom, Scraps, Scrapping, Saw, Car, Crash, Machinery,

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