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Tower Defense


Tower Defense.

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A Template designed for GameSalad for creating tower defence type games. This template shows how to create all the core mechanics including, enemies on paths, turrets, radius, shooting and tracking. See the video below for a quick overview of all the features this amazing template offers.


Notes in all actors explaining how the code works
Custom font
Save/load high score
High score visual so you know if you beat your last high score
Recycled explosion effect using only one actor
Easy to change maps
Enemies increase in difficulty: Wave 1 they take one hit, wave 2 they take two hits to kill
Enemies increase in numbers from 5 to 6 from wave 1 to 2 and so on!
Enemies change colour to visually show strength
Bigger more powerful guns with bigger radius
Place guns anywhere except on the path
Instant restart
99 waves but can be set to more
All art is included!!!


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