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Zelda RPG


Zelda RPG

This template includes the iPhone and iPad project files. Both versions contain high-resolution artwork applicable to each platform. The iPad version was resized using our RESIZER tool, and then a few tweaks after to update some game attributes.

ZANDA, a Zelda type RPG…
This template file contains all the key mechanics to get you started in building the next big adventure game. We have built in everything from layering, speech bubbles, swords, fighting and scrolling etc. Speak to characters, respond to their text & questions, use the keyboard to interact with them and have them give you a sword, fast shoes or other super cool power-ups you build. A life pointer system and coins collected engine is all included. Also, to make everything look super-slick we have built in some cool layering tricks. This Template is fully documented and includes some awesome pro tricks to really get GameSalad development kick started… Super quick!
Did we mention this template is packed full of high-quality graphics, trees, coins, animations, swords and much more? Oh, AND sound effects and music all of which you can re use in your other games.


Intelligent text box using only 1 actor for unlimited conversations.
Multiple text dialog depending on game state.
New layer system so you can now walk in front and behind other actors.
Animation technique so you can have loads of animations without them overlapping and looking bad.
Keyboard input that’s also a part of a puzzle.
New control system and one action button for talking, attacking and any other actions you add.
Save progress or start from scratch when you die.
Hearts, coins, sword and speedy boots to collect.
Intelligent monsters that turn to face you and will attack if you get too close.
High FPS on older devices.


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