Zombie Sniper


Aim for the head!


Looking for some sniping action? Look no further!

We have built an amazing template designed for GameSalad which lets you move around the scene with your sights, locate a zombie, tap to zoom in, steady your aim – then BAM! Snipe the enemies….

We’ve added time limits, bullet reduction and other features to help you turn this into a fully fledged sniper based game.

Using some really fun and clever techniques, this template shows you how to pan around the scene seamlessly, then amazingly zoom in on an emery, whilst keeping all the HUD graphics in place.

Shoot the zombies from a far, or zoom in and get a headshot. The enemies die depending where you shoot them – the pros go for the head shot, after looking into the whites of the enemies eyes…. Or just shoot them in the body. They die in different ways, depending on your mood!


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Available to hire at only $20 for the 1st hour then $40 an hour after, this gives you a cheap hour to see what i can do and how i work and build up a working relationship.

10 years experience, very fast and efficient.

Any questions or problems contact me via email toyboxuk@hotmail.com