Zombies Smasher





Another great Game Salad Full Game Source Code Game by Pinkio75!


The game is inspired by a classics Tap Smashers Games!

This Game is a restyled iPad version, i improved the game and remaked the graphics; but it’s ready to publish.

All Game is stored in only one scene, to erase the loading times!

You can make an universal build or Android game, use GS “RC 0.11 or NB244″ with “Stretch” option checked!

I’ve provided additional notes in the code to help you if you want reedit it, but the game is a complete and ready to publish!

All Artworks and Sound are included in this release, i’ve added Tweet Sheets and Gamecenter.

Need help with a reskin? i offer a great reskin services, send me an email at pinkio75@virgilio.it for a quote.
This template can be used and deployed with GS but you can use it with NB or RC.

*Distribution of the Source Code, Arts, Sound and Music either on the web or in mobile stores is strictly prohibited.