Screenshots! A Developers Silent Pain

You’ve worked hard to bring your game to this stage, tested it and you’re ready to launch. What’s the last step? Screenshots….and until recently it’s been a nightmare. For iOS you need (at least!) 1 for iPad, 1 for iPhone 4, 1 for iPhone 5, 1 for iPhone 6 and 1 for iPhone 6+…now if you’d like to get all 5 screenshots in there (as is recommended) that’s 25 screenshots, (time spent tweaking) you’ll have to prepare. But that’s not all! You then have to repeat the process for Google Play and Amazon App Store…

In comes this nifty little program, Easy Screenshot that solves this developer pain-point. Just get one size done, and it prepares it for all the other device sizes automatically. Simple and effective!

On another note, Apple is the major culprit here, and NEEDS to have an auto-resize system, not only for the screenshots but also for the preview videos they want developers to prepare.Why make the system more complicated for developers?

If you like the application, feel free to share the word, this program is for now only available to Mac users, and is not limited to GameSalad, it can be used by any developer.


Happy Developing!
Team GSHelper