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Beat ‘Em Up

Beat ‘Em Up


Double Dragon/Streets of Rage style template.

  • Description

    Product Description

    This template is the basis for a Double Dragon, Streets of Rage style game. A good old, side scrolling beat-’em-up game. Our hero has multiple fight actions with intelligent hit detection. Punch, low kick, jump-kicks and much more! With a super-cool joystick control system to move our hero around. Easily jump and duck then run over and punch the bad guys. Featuring a cool trick whereby our hero can walk in front and behind the bad guys. The baddies have layering too, and have AI logic built in to try and duff up our hero. Add some more graphics, a theme, more baddies and you are good to go.

    Includes all art and music!


    FULL layers, hero can go in front and behind and even in between enemies and also the enemies can go in front and behind each other.

    New jump method because of the joystick moving hero, it was impossible to do it the normal way and also the hero collides with the walls so it wasn’t so straight forward

    Full hit boxes, 4 in total for accurate punch low/high and kick low/high.

    True 3D feel because of the attack only registering when you are within a certain number of pixels of the enemies.

    Enemies attack you if you don’t attack them.

    Sound Effects & Music Included.

    60 FPS even on older devices.

    All the code you need to turn this into your own game.

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    Available to hire at only $20 for the 1st hour then $40 an hour after, this gives you a cheap hour to see what i can do and how i work and build up a working relationship.

    10 years experience, very fast and efficient.

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