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Runner Game Construction Kit


Create your own awesome runner games for Gamesalad using this simple and easy to use construction kit.

With this premier runner game construction kit you will be able to quickly and easily build your own professional runner games using Gamesalad. All of the actors and objects can be dragged and dropped on screen with no edits needed to their behaviors. Simply build your levels and publish your game!

This runner game construction kit contains two different level types that can be mixed and matched as you see fit. You will be able to create both ‘endless runner’ style levels and finite levels, like in the game Geometry Dash. In addition to that, you can also create ‘flip’ style levels by including pre-created controls that allow the player flip gravity within the game.


  • 3 Scenes
  • 32 Actors
  • Jump and flip controls
  • 6 Sound and music effects
  • 4 Obstacle types
  • 3 Particle effects
  • Much more!


Of course if you know Gamesalad and how to build games using Behaviors, Rules and Attributes you can edit all of the included elements as needed and/or use them as a base for your own brand new creations!

All of the art and sounds provided can be used in your own free or paid games. The art in the template is graciously provided by and the music soundtrack is provided by


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